École d'été 2024 - Summer School 2024

Discover the challenges of tomorrow with the summer school From the laboratory to the distant universe, the World of Plasmas !

Registration is Open ! 

Deadline : April 30, 2024

  • Du 25 Aoû. 2024 au 31 Aoû. 2024

  • 08:00 - 08:00

  • Rencontres
  • Station biologique de Roscoff, France.

  • Program director : Philippe Savoini & Deputy-director : Francesco Califano


This school is organized once a year during one week. We offer the unique possibility to join, free of charge, a 5-day summer school in Roscoff (Brittany) at the Marine station. This school is targeting students entering the master level, but can also be appreciated by master students to broaden their horizon or PhD students that are searching to change research topics.

Lectures, accommodation (hotel and restaurant) and transfer Paris - Roscoff are free of charge. (Date of departure from Paris : August 25 / Return : August 31)

If your application is accepted, participation in this summer school will earn you 3 academic crédits (ECTS)  at M1 level. This possibility is currently only available to students doing their M1 at Sorbonne-université (SU).


The main objective of the summer school is to introduce plasma physics in any state from Laboratory, to the distant universe. PLAS@PAR selects good ranked students with a good background in physics or applied mathematics, to introduce them to the diversity of plasma physics. Hence the formation covers various aspects of plasmas : astrophysical and natural plasmas, laboratory plasmas generated by lasers, electrical devices, ion beams, and also cold plasmas for industrial applications etc.

Provisional program

Plenary lectures and hands-on sessions on :

  • Introduction to Plasma Physics
  • Astrophysical Plasmas
  • Spectroscopy : foundations and applications for diagnostic
  • Symbiosis between plasmas and technologies
  • Plasmas for Energy and Fusion (Tokamak and other Devices)
  • Plasma for Environment
  • Laser generated Plasmas
  • Plasma physics as an innovative opportunity for space propulsion


PLAS@PAR welcomes worldwide students attending the last year of a bachelor degree in Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics or equivalent or even the second year of the degree but having passed all first year exams and the electromagnetism exam (typically at year 2) before  participating to the school. First year Master level students are also welcome depending on the number of applications.  

As a result of the limited available spots (max. 25 students), the selection will be made based on a CV and the shortlisting of the students will be undertaken at the beginning of May.

 In order to apply to our Summer School, you will have to send the required documents.

 Registration is Open ! Deadline : April 30, 2024

(once your files are uploaded, the message « uploaded files » will appear)

(small gray message that appears very small below "upload")
  1. Completed and signed application form and this form  (2 forms to complete).
  2. A copy of your ID, or passport.
  3. A copy of your student card.
  4. A copy of your recent transcript and proof of diploma/degree (translation in English or French is mandatory). (in particularly, your grades from your last year at the university)
  5. A certification of good knowledge of the English (not required if english is your mother tongue).
  6. Letters of recommendation from one or two referees in English or French (not mandatory but recommended). They have to be send by the referee directly to philippe.savoini@sorbonne-universite.fr


Aggregate these documents into one single file named firstname_lastname.pdf  (or .zip). And then drop your file here .

If you have any question or technical problem, please contact : sciences-plasapar-contact@listes.sorbonne-universite.fr

For this school, a good knowledge in general physics, statistical mechanics, electromagnetism, spectroscopy and electrostatic is recommended.

At the end of the summerschool a certificate of achievement is given to the student.

Summer Schools under the patronage of UNIPI

For more information, contact : philippe.savoini@sorbonne-universite.fr or  sciences-plasapar-contact@listes.sorbonne-universite.fr

Nous remercions L’Université de Pise (Italie) ainsi que l’UFR de physique de Sorbonne Université, l'Initiative Physique des Infinis (IPI) et l'EUR PLASMAScience pour leur aide et leur soutien financier dans l’organisation de cette école !