Master 2 PPF - Organization of lessons

Master 2 PPF - Organization of lessons

The academic year is structured in different parts

After fundamental lectures given to all students to introduce the plasma physics’ basic notions (common core), optional courses dealing with the different themes of the discipline are offered to them: natural plasmas’ physics (Space Plasmas and Astrophysics), process plasmas (so-called “industrial” plasmas), thermonuclear plasmas (magnetic or inertial fusion plasmas) or plasmas from laser-matter interactions, a more detailed description of which is given below.

All of these courses are introduced both theoretically and fundamentally, but also from the point of view of experimentation, numerical simulation and modeling. They allow students to acquire expertise in different multidisciplinary fields (plasma/health, plasma/environment, plasma/energy, plasma/space, …), but also to be introduced to the most current innovative technologies and major international and national projects such as the Tokamak ITER, the MegaJoule, Apollon or Petal lasers, or even present and future space missions (Parker Solar Probe / NASA, Solar Orbiter ESA / NASA, …).

These optional thematic lectures are followed by so-called "specialization" courses, which allow students to deepen their knowledge in a more specific way and in the perspective of their research internship of 5-6 months. This internship can be carried out in a research laboratory in France or abroad, in the academic environment or with an industrial partner. It completes the Master, which then opens onto a PhD (for the majority of students) or directly onto a job in the industry.