Image Pierre Lesaffre, LERMA

Plasmas, culture and society

Solving the mysteries around the 4th state of matter: scientific outreach at the heart of the PLAS@PAR project

For several years, the PLAS@PAR community has placed scientific outreach at the heart of its priorities: science festival, events in the libraries of Sorbonne University, interventions at the Numok Festival of Paris libraries (fall 2020), arts & outreach programs. plasma sciences in partnership with the Center Pompidou (2017-2018), collaboration with artists Danny Rose (creation of Plasma Reflection & the immersive audiovisual work Inside Plasma) ... but also other projects under consideration and / or development!

Our goal is simple: to impart this state of the matter, omnipresent in our daily life and yet still largely unknown by the general public. PLAS@PAR physicists regularly go out to meet a large, heterogeneous audience of all ages by proposing actions adapted to each. Outreach projects evolve over the years but our ambition remains the same: our actions are fun, collaborative and educational.