Journée scientifique 2020 - visuel G. Aulanier

Scientific days

Each year, the PLAS@PAR scientific day brings together our entire community; it allows researchers, engineers, PhD students and postdocs to present their latest research work. These privileged moments between the different actors of plasma research create links and stimulate the emergence of new interdisciplinary projects.

Scientific days

To foster collaborations between laboratories, to create a sense of community, to provide recent results.

The 1st scientific day of the Federation was held on October 5, 2020 both face-to-face and remotely, due to the health context. Many of you participated, thank you all!

Find the program below:

    09:00: Martin Lemoine, IAP - Plasma physics in the high-energy multi-messenger Universe
    09:35: Iyas Ismail, LCPMR - MOSARIX: a high resolution high efficiency moveable X-ray spectrometer project in the tender x-ray region (2-10 keV)
    10:10: Nicolas Aunai, LPP - Parallel hybrid code with adaptive mesh refinement
    10:45: Break
    11:00: Laurence Rezeau, PLAS @ PAR, Some institutional news
    11:35: Sophie Musset, LESIA, Solar Orbiter - Scientific objectives and first observations
    12:10: Jean Porto, ONERA - Electromagnetic PIC Simulation of an ECR Plasma Thruster with Magnetic Nozzle
    12:45: Break & poster session

  • V. Bommier, LESIA, Solar photosphere magnetization
  • L. Hadid, LPP, Polarization electrostatic field in the presence of negatively charged nm grains: implications for dust confinement near Saturn's F ring
  • S. AL Qeeq, LPP, Analysis of energy conversion processes at kinetic scales associated with a series of dipolarization fronts observed by MMS during a substorm
  • P. Indelicato, LKB, Transition energies, widths and intensity ratios of core-excited lithiumlike sulfur and argon using an electron-cyclotron-resonance ion source plasma

    2:00 pm: Ronan Modolo, LATMOS - Modeling the responses of planetary magnetospheres during solar storms, R. Modolo, F. Leblanc, D. Fontaine, et al.
    14:35: Farzi Arefi, LISE - Surface treatment of polymers by plasma processes for biomedical applications
    3:10 pm: Lina Hadid, LPP - Saturn's ionosphere measured by the Langmuir probe during the "Grand Finale" of the Cassini mission
    15:45: Break
    16:00: Franck Delahaye, LERMA - New opacities for Astrophysical Applications
    16:35: Anthony Mercuri, LULI - Electron positron pair production in collisions of gamma photons and high intensity vortex beams

It was held on Monday, October 18, 2021, face-to-face, at the Sorbonne University conference center, on the Pierre and Marie Curie campus.

Program :

  •     09:00 Welcome
  •     9:30 Farzaneh Arefi LISE Atmospheric pressure plasma surface activation for space instrumentation
  •     9:55 Alexander Vinogradov LESIA Young solar wind coherent structures from inertial to sub-ion range
  •     10:20 Tommaso Vinci LULI Diffraction of iron on the Mégajoule laser
  •     10:45 Nancy Paul LKB Testing Strong Field Quantum Electrodynamics with Highly-charged Ions and Exotic Atoms
  •     11:10 Léa Griton LESIA From the Golden Age of (inner) Heliophysics to future exploration of space plasmas laboratories
  •     11:35 Alejandro Alvarez Laguna LPP Moment model for low-temperature discharges
  •     12:00 Post session break | Prize giving for the photo video competition
  •     13:30 Camille Lévêque LCPMR High-order density matrices and partial detection of trapped cold bosons
  •     13:55 Jean-Raphaël Marques LULI Plasma tailoring by ns-lasers, application to proton acceleration
  •     14:20 Benjamin Estèves LPP Investigation of iodine plasmas for space propulsion applications
  •     14:45 Stéphane Guilet INSP Plasma etching for nanostructures
  •     15:10 Jean-Marie Malherbe LESIA MétéoSpace, the first French automatic station to monitor solar activity
  •     15:35 Sébastien Le Pape LULI Overview of the inertial confinement fusion program


  • Youcef AOUAD LULI Ionic electric microfield effect on atomic populations in Non-LTE plasmas
  • Federico Petrinio LPP Conditions of appearance and dynamics of the Modified Two-Stream Instability in ExB discharges
  • Théo Pellegrin LPP A 3D MHD simulation to model the dynamics of a pseudo-streamer
  • Karl-Ludwig Klein LESIA Recent solar observations with the Nancay Radioheliograph
  • Mohammed Baraka LPP Study of a magnetic reconnection event at the Earth magnetopause due to a large-scale solar wind perturbation: Using MMS data
  • Soboh Alqeeq LPP Investigation of the homogeneity of energy conversion processes at dipolarization fronts from MMS measurements
  • Olivier Le Contel LPP Multiscale analysis of a current sheet crossing associated with a fast earthward flow during a substorm event detected by MMS

Thank you all for your participation!