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Science Festival

Each year, PLAS @ PAR participates in the Science Festival at the Sorbonne University Science Village (Pierre et Marie Campus) for three consecutive days. Thanks to the mobilization of around twenty scientists (engineers, researchers, professors, students, post-docs, technicians), we welcome between 1,000 and 1,500 visitors to our stand.

Science Festival

Immerse in the world of plasmas: a fun and creative experience of ionized matter!

Our challenge?

To discover the ionized material through a creative and striking experience suitable for schools and families. Each year, we make every effort to renew the activities offered, innovate in terms of mediation and answer all your questions about plasmas.

Find the program over the years

In the program

  • Discussion with physicists around thematic posters and an exhibition of 3D models of the solar system.
  • The Escape Game Mission Eva Z'ionS is back this year! All audiences and recommended from 12 years old (accompanied by an adult) take part in an Escape Game at the Source d'Ions Multichargés in Paris. The goal ? Decipher three puzzles around atoms and light to obtain a 3-digit code allowing you to join the secret society of Mendeleïev's disciples. Watch out, the clock is ticking, will you take up the challenge in time? (45min). 3 time slots on Saturday October 9: 11 a.m., 2 p.m. & 3 p.m. (registration on site).
  • NEW: the physicists of the Federation will produce, on Saturday October 9 at 1 p.m. and 5 p.m., a new show: "Bam! Charge", a new contemporary dance creation around plasma physics, in collaboration with Mairi Pardalaki (association Berdahi).
    Change of location! The show will take place between rounds 53 and 54.
    Video teaser
  • The 3D aurora projections which meet every year a real success will also be present! A unique opportunity to observe the fascinating spectacle of the aurora  (a contribution of the IAP and the LPP). Date: Saturday, October 9: schedules to come (registration on site).
  • Attention transformation! The plasma mirror, very popular with the youngest, will be on display again. Created by the Danny Rose studio, this playful plasma mirror allows physics to be approached through the visual arts; only one rule for young and old: have fun! Continuously, all weekend.
  • Spectroscopy workshop supervised by physicists with homemade spectroscopes built by the students. Continuously, all weekend.
  • Discovery of the Planeterrella to understand one of the most fascinating astrophysical phenomena: the aurora. Continuously, all weekend.

In 2020, the science festival was 100% digital!

  • VIDEO - Introductory conference on plasmas, broadcast on Saturday October 10, 2020 (2 p.m.): online here. The accessible version for the visually impaired with audio description is available here.
  • Live broadcast of Laurent Préyale's film on Saturday, October 10 (6 p.m.). As a bonus, Jean Mouette and Éric Hivon, aurora hunters from the IAP and Olivier Le Contel (researcher at the CNRS & specialist in space plasmas at the LPP) were present live to answer your questions! The debate was moderated by Guillaume Hébrard (IAP).

October 12 to 14, 2019 - The plasma of the two infinities

  • 1400 visitors came to meet us on our stand and take part in the various activities.
  • 300 visitors attended 3D aurora projections.
  • 120 high school and college students discovered space instruments at the LPP and attended activities on our stand.
  • 23 members of PLAS @ PAR shared with the public a friendly and fun moment around plasmas.

The animation

In 2019, the program was rich and varied to introduce you to plasmas from the infinitely large to the infinitely small!

  • La Planeterrella, a very popular aurora simulator, was there as it does every year.
  • School classes made “homemade” spectroscopes on Friday in order to identify the gas from different plasma lamps through the observation of spectral lines. Families also took advantage of the spectroscopes during the weekend and played the game of decomposed light.
  • Plasma Reflection or plasma mirror transformed young and old into plasma at the rate of their movements. An artistic creation by artists Danny Rose in collaboration with Andrea Ciardi, teacher-researcher at Sorbonne University.
  • The 3D aurora projections were sold out for the second year in a row: the public seized this unique opportunity to observe the fascinating spectacle of the northern lights thanks to Jean Mouette and Éric Hivon (IAP).
  • The Escape Game “Mission EvaZ'ionS” which took place within the Multicharged Ion Source of the Institut des NanoSciences de Paris, new to our program in 2019, was a great success with schoolchildren and families. .

Discover and learn while having fun: an experience that is renewed every year!