Plasmas en bibliothèques

Plasmas in libraries

Plasmas come to you right in your library!

Plasmas in libraries

Plasma Reflection, a mirror that transforms anyone who passes nearby into plasma (created by artists Danny Rose in 2018), arouses public curiosity and is very successful at events. Plasma Reflection is both a great mediation tool for the general public and schools but also easy to move and exhibit, so we have decided to export it as close as possible to young and old and to develop exhibitions within of the libraries of Sorbonne University and of the City of Paris. Each library is different and so is its audience, which is why we adapt the awareness-raising actions that accompany the system as best we can.

Since 2020, PLAS@PAR is joining forces with the NUMOK Festival!

After exhibiting Plasma Reflection in the libraries of Sorbonne University in 2018 and 2019 to students in Sciences and Humanities, PLAS@PAR is now meeting the public of the Libraries of Paris by participating in the Numok Festival: the festival digital library of the Libraries of Paris.

In the program (2020, postponed):

  •  Plasma Reflection exhibition.
  •  An introductory general public conference on plasmas, with Lionel de Sá, (doctor & teacher of physics-chemistry in secondary school) and Gaëtan Gauthier (doctoral student at LPP and lecturer at Sorbonne University). This conference will allow the public to discover the 4th state of matter, its behavior, its multiple applications in our daily lives and will emphasize the place of digital in current studies: plasma represents 99% of the known matter of the world. universe but still remains a mysterious unknown.
  •  A digital workshop for physics-chemistry and mathematics teachers will follow the conference upon registration, subject to availability.

    Let's talk science with Python! Solving physical problems using digital technology: child's play! PLAS@PAR offers teachers the opportunity to discover or re-discover the Python language through plasmas. A fun workshop in which you will have to find a digital solution to scientific problems (falling bodies, movement of particles in an electromagnetic field, chaos, etc.): a unique opportunity to understand pedagogy from another angle!

Plasma arts and sciences: the retrospective

Arts et sciences des plasmas : la rétrospective