UE d'ouverture Master MEEF

Opening course unit Master MEEF

Prepare for the future by guiding new generations towards scientific professions and in particular research.

Opening course unit Master MEEF

Plasmas are everywhere around us, from the sun to the stars, in lightning, fire and even in neon lights! The 4th state of matter surrounds us and is part of our daily lives, which is why the PLAS@PAR community is convinced that concepts related to plasmas must be taught earlier and in particular to school audiences.

With this in mind, PLAS@PAR has been offering a 2-day training course for future teachers every year since 2016 as part of the opening units of the MEEF Master (Master of Teaching, Education and Training Professions, Physics-Chemistry course) from Sorbonne University.
This training entitled "Plasmas in all their states!" is accessible with a basic knowledge of physics and is an excellent opportunity to give some advice to enable teachers to simply talk about the 4th state of matter to their future students.

The internship revolves around 3 main activities:
1. Discussion and presentations on all types of plasmas.
2. Practical experiments.
3. Visits to installations and experiments (in particular the SIMPA ion source of the INSP, the plasma-medicine platform and the clean room of the LPP).

New in 2020: the new high school programs were an opportunity to introduce the Python programming language to this training. Through simple examples of Python scripts, PLAS@PAR offered a session dedicated to solving plasma physics problems (from particle motion to chaos).

PLAS@PAR speakers since 2016:
Andrea Ciardi (LERMA), Lionel de Sá (LERMA), Thierry Dufour (LPP), Gaëtan Gauthier (LPP), Julien Guyot (LPP / LERMA), Benjamin Khiar (LERMA), Frédéric Leblanc (LPP), Loïc Nicolas (LPP / LERMA), Christophe Prigent (INSP), Philippe Savoini (LPP), Christophe Verdeil (LPP).