Ambition et objectifs

Ambition and objectives

Training a new generation of plasma scientists

Transmission is at the heart of the activity and DNA of the Federation. The strength of PLAS@PAR lies in the mobilization of its researchers and professors fully involved in activities related to education but also in the effective articulation of research and teaching.

Ambition and objectives

Our ambition

  • Sharing research results

  • Training new generations to the scientific challenges ahead

  • Including the transmission of knowledge as a best practice for researchers in the community.

Our main goals

  • Increase the quality and quantity of students in plasma sciences in the Paris region.

  • Strengthen the visibility of plasma sciences within Sorbonne University and its partners.

  • Attract the best students in PLAS@PAR labs.

  • Train middle and high school teachers and future teachers.

  • Thinking and shaping together the future of plasma sciences.

Our activities are adapted to each level and to (almost!) any age, so plasmas can be studied from college to university and even afterwards thanks to the Inter-Ages University!