Trois piliers

The three pillars

Since 2012, multiple ambitious and challenging projects have been set. These interdisciplinary operations are the hallmark of our community and make it one of the largest and richest in Europe. This requires essential support from the Federation.

The three pillars

Our main scientific objectives:

  • Support teams who are investing in the flagship projects of plasma physics: WEST/ITER, Solar Orbiter, e-XFEL, ELI & Apollon, SKA, LOFAR, LMJ, SOLEIL, SPIRAL2, CRYRING@FAIR, etc. Our researchers participate in very large experimental projects on the ground or in space, which go beyond the framework of the discipline, the region or even the country. Supporting their involvement helps to guarantee high quality scientific research as well as the visibility of the Research Federation’s trustees in these leading scientific projects.

  • Create and federate a community through its transversal projects: collective numerical simulation codes (hybrid code "PHARE", SMILEI PIC code, etc.), new research equipments (X spectrometer "MOSARIX", living/plasma platform, etc.), projects at the interface of chemistry, engineering, mathematics, medicine. These actions are the result of joint work over the long term, whose richness is already measured thanks to the published results. Highlighting these successful collaborations will allow to develop even more new interactions and new interdisciplinary themes.

  • Develop links with the industry: Energy, medicine, aeronautics, agronomy, a whole section of plasma sciences finds numerous and diverse applications, forging strong links with the intersectoral ecosystem, in particular in the Ile-de-France region. Two startups have emerged thanks to the support of PLAS@PAR and an industrial chair has been created around plasma physics at Palaiseau with SAFRAN. The aim of the Federation is to increase and diversify technology transfer, to raise awareness among all researchers, to develop collaborations (the Labex has positioned the community in the European cluster BalticNet-PlasmaTec).