Quatre axes de recherche

The 4 lines of research

Researchers from the PLAS@PAR community share a common interest in plasma science.

The 4 lines of research

The 4 lines of research

  • Fundamental processes in plasmas

Plasma dynamics (dynamo, turbulence, shocks, magnetic reconnection, transport mechanisms, instabilities, accretion, ejection), microscopic processes in plasmas (ionization, collisions and interaction processes, opacities), plasmas under extreme conditions (relativistic effects, quantum effects, electron-positron pair plasmas, matter under extreme pressure) and plasma chemistry.

  • Applications

Nuclear fusion, plasmas for biology, medicine, archeology, materials and the environment.

  • Numerical studies

Development of open codes to describe plasma physics, algorithmic developments, development of common data analysis tools.

  • Innovative experiences and observations

Space instrumentation for astrophysical plasma observations, laboratory astrophysics experiments for high intensity and high energy lasers, new sources of plasma, spectroscopy at very high spatial and temporal resolution.


Inter-unit collaborations

From 2012 to 2020, the activities of the community were deployed around several scientific projects which pooled the expertise of the PLAS@PAR units. Some examples of collaborations that concern several units of the Federation:

Les collaborations inter-unités