Projets financés

Funded projects

Find all the projects funded by the federation year by year.

The federation also participated in the Sorbonne University's Infinite Physics Initiative.

Four members of the Federation participate in the IPI steering committee.

Projects funded in 2021

Selected projects:

- PHARE-multithreading (cpu / gpu)
Project submitted by N. Aunai, R. Smets, P. Deegan (LPP) & A. Ciardi (LERMA)
Rapporteurs: C. Riconda (LULI) / R. Modolo (LATMOS)
Amount granted: 5 k €

- Discharge reaction kinetics probed by time-resolved cavity ringdown spectroscopy of parent gas depletion
Project submitted by J-P. Booth, O. Guaitella (LPP)
Rapporteurs: J. Pulpytel (LISE) / R. Taieb (LCPMR)
Amount granted: 4 k €

- Ion-ion collisions at Sorbonne University: an integrated approach to theory experiment
Project submitted by E. Lamour, C. Prigent (INSP), A. Dubois (LCPMR)
Rapporteurs: A. Bourdon (LPP), L. Petitdemange (LERMA)
Amount granted: 5 k €, plus 4.8 k € pending

- Experimental study and numerical simulations of radiative shock waves in argon and xenon
Project submitted by A. Chuvatin, J. Larour, O. Le Contel, A.Retino, R. Smets, S. Pledel, P. Auvray (LPP), A. Ciardi, J-F. Panis, F. Delahaye (LERMA)
Rapporteurs: P-Q. Elias (ONERA), R. Taieb (LCPMR)
Amount granted: 2,870 k €

- Study of the origin of electronic and ionic pre-shocks linked to a self-coherent curved shock wave: 2D numerical simulations
Project submitted by P. Savoini (LPP), B. Lembège, L. Muschietti (LATMOS)
Rapporteurs: C. Riconda (LULI), R. Modolo (LATMOS)
Amount granted: 4,168 k €

- Measurement of the temperature of dense and warm material generated by laser compression
Project submitted by A. Ravasio (LULI), T. Vinci, A. Benuzzi-Mounaix, B. Albertazzi (LULI), A. Denoeud (CEA-DAM), M. Harmand, G. Fiquet, F. Guyot (IMPMC) , G. Morard (IsTerre) • N. Ozaki, K. Miyanishi, R. Kodama (Osaka university), D. Kraus, R. Redmer and collaborators (University of Rotock)
Rapporteurs: P. Hennequin (LPP), R. Modolo (LATMOS)
Amount granted: 6,000 k €

- In situ Raman spectroscopy of the synthesis of metal-graphene nanocomposites by plasma-assisted electrochemistry
Project submitted by D. Pai, O. Guaitella (LPP)
Rapporteurs: A. Benuzzi (LULI), J. Pulpytel (LISE)
Amount granted: 7,318 k €

- IMAPEC - Integration of a MAgnetron into an ECR-type electric space thruster
Project submitted by V. Désangles, P-Q. Elias, D. Packan (ONERA)
Rapporteurs: T. Dufour (LPP) / A. Retino (LPP)
Amount granted: 3,743 k €

- XPCIF: In situ X-ray Phase-Contrast Imaging of spark erosion of aeronautical Fasteners
Project submitted by Jarnac, Lalande, Sousa Martins, Tholin, Zaepffel, Primot (ONERA), Stolidi (CEA)
Rapporteurs: A. Bourdon (LPP), T. Dufour (LPP)
Amount granted: 1,790 k €

Thanks to the IPI, the PLAS@PAR community was able to benefit in 2021 from a three theses and one post-docs.

THESIS GRANT - Leader : Ciardi Andrea, LERMA

  • Collaboration : ONERA
  • Subject : Extended magnetohydrodynamics simulations of strongly magnetized plasmas for space propulsion

THESIS GRANT - Leader : Indelicato Paul, LKB

  • Collaboration : INSP
  • Subject : X-ray metrology for astrophysical and fundamental physics applications

THESIS GRANT - Leader : Lamour Emily, INSP

  • Collaboration : LCPMR
  • Subject : Study of many-body dynamics in ion-ion collisions : a joint experimental and theoretical investigation

POST-DOC - Duration : 2 years - Leader : Modolo Ronan, LATMOS

  • Collaboration : LPP
  • Subject : Magnétosphère de mercure lors de tempêtes solaires (METEO)


Projects funded in 2020

Given the health crisis and the lack of exact visibility on the budget in mid-2020, the council of the federation has chosen to make a call for small projects limited to equipment.

10 projects have been submitted by researchers from the LERMA, INSP, LPP (3), LESIA, LULI (2), LISE labs. The board selected 5 projects on the basis of their scientific quality, prioritizing two criteria: the establishment of a new collaboration, and feasibility before the end of 2020.

Selected projects:


  •      Subject: Spatio-temporal dynamics of atomic iodine in the PEGASES thruster
  •      Leader: Pascal Chabert
  •      Laboratory: LPP
  •      Amount allocated: 4.916 k €
  •      Material: optical material


  •     Subject: METEOSPACE, an innovative instrument for the study of the dynamics of solar plasmas during cycle 25
  •     Leader: J.-M. Malherbe
  •     Laboratory: LESIA
  •     Amount allocated: 5.06 k €
  •     Material: mount motorization


  •     Subject: Rail compression of iron on the LMJ to study the interior of super-earths
  •     Leader: Tommaso Vinci
  •     Laboratory: LULI
  •     Amount allocated: 7.25 k €
  •     Material: diamond targets


  •     Subject: Over-critical sharp-gradient plasma target produced by the collision of laser-induced blast-waves in a gas jet; Application to high-energy proton acceleration
  •     Leader: J.R. Marquès
  •     Laboratory: LULI
  •     Amount awarded: 6,091 k €
  •     Material: motorized travel system


  •     Subject: Atmospheric pressure plasma surface activation for space instrumentation
  •     Leader: Farzaneh Arefi
  •     Laboratory: LISE in collaboration with the LPP
  •     Amount awarded: 9.893 k €
  •     Material: droplet profile analyzer

Thanks to the IPI, the PLAS@PAR community was able to benefit in 2020 from a thesis and two post-docs.

THESIS GRANT - Leader : Milan Maksimovic, LESIA

  •      Collaboration : IKI Russia
  •      Subject : Charged particle dynamics in solar wind coherent structures

POST-DOC - Duration : 1 year - Leader : Nicolas Sisourat, LCPMR

  •      Collaboration : LPP
  •      Subject : Modeling of iodine plasmas for space propulsion

POST-DOC -  Duration : 2 years - Leader : Caterina Riconda, LULI

  •      Collaboration : LCPMR
  •      Subject : Strong-Field Quantum Processes in Plasmas in the Context of Extreme Light Laser Facilities